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  • Thruit Owt says:

    I received a bag of your White Cheddar Jalapeno Popcorn in a gift basket. We opened it tasted it, it was ok, then read the ingredient list and promptly thru the whole bag in the garbage where it belongs.

    Your About Us page talks about family and so forth, yet here you are, as a company, selling other people and their families this toxic garbage. Do you not do any research into your ingredients before putting them into your products?

    Disodium phosphate, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR (REALLY?!!!), FD&C Yellows #5 & 6….ouch! Do you feed these ingredients to your kids? If you do, do they have health issues? If so, maybe you should stop poisoning them with these nasty, toxic chemicals.

    What a shame that you can’t ride-the-tide of healthy eating by creating, manufacturing and selling wholesome, health products free of the ingredients you presently use.

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