About Us


Hi!  My name is Max.  My parents and I are the new owners of Freedom Snacks.  They bought the business from Miss Veronica, who started the business way back in 2010.  She made an incredible business by being a really hard worker, being super dedicated and being a really really nice person.  Fortunately for us, she decided it was time for new adventures, so she passed the torch to my family to keep up the great name and yummy products that you have come to expect from Freedom Snacks.

Ever since I was born, my parents have chosen to live the (career) path less traveled.   When I was less than a year old my parents decided to give up their corporate jobs in Chicago and move us to Belize so they could spend more time with me.  Boy, were my grandparents not happy with them for taking their grandson so far away!  A two-year plan turned into a seven-year plan which included running a great pizza place, starting a sausage making company, and founding a digital marketing outsourcing company – all of which still exist today and are all now owned by Belizeans!   When it was time to leave Belize, my Uncle Dan suggested Washington State and here we are!

My parents have made a lot of decisions in my short life that prove that they put a high value on family and we’d love to welcome you into ours!  Stop by the shop and say hello!  Our same great staff will be there to greet you and make your favorite gourmet popcorn!  If you see a kid with a mouth full of popcorn while you’re there, it’s probably me.

See you soon,