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What Our Customers Are Saying:



“Freedom Snacks was FULL of delicious caramel! It had just the right bit of crunch and sweetness.  You could tell that Freedom Snacks popcorn is made of quality ingredients and made with care. I personally could not get enough of it!”


“My mom ordered some popcorn and had it sent to us. I am absolutely in love with the cheddar!! My kids love the chocolate and the strawberry....and I am about to try the mated chocolate caramel. We will definitely be getting more!!”

"I received my popcorn I purchased from Freedom Snacks, The other day and I have to say that it really is the best popcorn I have ever had! My family loves it to! You should really go check it out!"-Sweetpeasavings 

“Once I started it was difficult to stop. The flavors tantalized my taste buds and the popcorn was extremely fresh and crunchy.” –once upon a deal

“They has brought a WHOLE New Look to Popcorn! A Wonderful Aroma and it drew me right in! I cracked open that bag and started eating it. The Chocolate Ones are AMAZING! Reminds me of Chocolate covered Kettle Corn! They Are Crunchy, Sweet, Salty and everything in between! Now I cant put the bag down!” -saving up for a Harley

“Everyone loved them! Such a great idea! Thanks for all the creativity:-)”- Amy P. WA


“I LOVE@ Freedom Snacks......YOU GUYS ROCK!!” –Amanda H.


“I cannot wait to try your stuff...we are moving to Fort Lewis in just about 2 weeks!!!”  -Jennifer W.


 “Before I Knew It-The Bowl Was Empty! It Was That Good! I Love The Flavors! Yum!”


“Nice quick shipping!”    -Amy J.


“I received my order of Confetti Blend, I absolutely LOVE it! I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends! Thank you!! :-)”   -Alana V.


“Hey everyone check out Freedom Snacks they have gourmet popcorn and oh its yummmmmyy...” –Rebeckah P.


“I just received my snack pack in the mail today. It was so good tried sharing but ended up eating the whole bag :-) Thank you delicious.”  –Rosina H.


“All I can say is OMGGGGG !!!!! your popcorn rocks !!!! Thank you so much”  -Jennifer P.


“The ranch popcorn was a hit it did not last very long at all the flavor was amazing and it was just perfect” -Amy K.


“Wow!! Super fast shipping and super yummy popcorn/flavoring!! :D”


“I am enjoying it very much!! The more I eat the yummier it gets :) I will be ordering some more soon!!” –Tiffany G.


"The pumpkin spice is AWESOME! It tasted just like pumpkin pie. I will be ordering more soon! Thanks!"


"Your popcorn is SO yummy- the flavors are tasty and the popcorn is fresh and crunchy, my favorites are the Pumpkin Spice and S'mores, I am looking forward to giving some to my friends and coworkers this holiday season (and to having some to snack on myself!) Thanks also for you wonderful customer service, it is nice to do business with someone so prompt and cheerful!"


"Thank you for helping me supply my popcorn loving family with such a great variety of gourmet popcorn. Pumpkin spice for my husband, S'mores for my son... all the rest for me! So many amazing flavors and a top quality product. Thanks again!"


"I love the Confetti popcorn! Your doing a good job and you cant go wrong with popcorn that is sweet. Congrats on the Contest."


"We love it Great job!"


"OMG! That confetti is awesome! I haven't been able to find it anywhere! THANKS!!!"


"Those labels you did for me were perfect! I can't believe that you can charge these kinds of prices. This is a very high quality product completely customized for me for a great value. I will continue to purchase my promo products from you. Thanks for the quick service too!"


"This is the coolest idea I've ever seen for a marketing tool. The product looks and tastes great, potential customers remembered me from the trade show!"


"Your popcorn is so good. we just received some in the mail today, and its almost gone. my 3 year old loves it. it is so much better than the popcorn factory's popcorn. whenever someone sends me theirs, its always stale. yours is so fresh. yum yum. the caramel corn is so good. almost all gone, thank you."


"I received a snacker bag of Vanilla Cinnamon February 6,2012 in the mail!! It is so yummy!! I will be ordering some more in the future!! I am excited about trying your blueberry!! Thanks again!!"