About Us


 My name is Veronica and I started Freedom Snacks in 2010 while I was expecting my first child. With a lot of determination and support from my friends and family Freedom Snacks has continued to grow and has become a unique and successful business.

 Participation in street markets, fairs, and gift shows gave me good perspective on what customers wanted and what they didn’t. People love popcorn and they enjoyed the colored and new flavor choices that I was offering. It was a wide open playfield so I decided to run with the idea. There has been plenty of trial and error but I welcome the new challenges that come with business ownership.  It can be a crazy world sometimes but growing up in a home where business ownership was a way of life instilled in me the confidence and creativity necessary for my own venture.  This was all great but it was a huge help when Mom, the “snackspert” joined the Freedom Snacks team in 2012.

In the fast paced world of marketing and social media to create brand awareness has been a very challenging task. When we were in the early stages of developing the business I came across a nationwide contest to submit a rather detailed entry including a video titled “My Business Story”. I thought other family oriented, career minded people would identify with my story.   The contest was sponsored by two extremely successful companies; Google and American Express. I was so thrilled when Freedom Snacks was chosen as a national Winner.

We have been very busy these last few years creating high quality gourmet popcorn and building strong, lasting relationships.  Our customer focused business model has given us a very good reputation.  There is always a new idea and another opportunity that we get excited about.  We have found success in so many different segments like fundraisers, popcorn buffets, party favors, marketing giveaways, corporate gifts as well as retail and wholesale business.

With my second child on the way my family and business will grow.  The American dream, a path less traveled, yes it’s about that but there is also the freedom of choice and a personal sense of accomplishment.  I invite you to follow us and join us.

As Henry Ford once said, “a Ford in every garage” I visualize Freedom Snacks in every shopping basket.

I now understand that freedom comes with taking control of your life and believing in yourself.

-Veronica Cockerham